Hi! Doug & Cheyenne here.  👋🏽 

If you are reading this it's probably because you're already loving the game or are falling in like. And we are definetely here to enhance your golfing experience. But first  we want to tell you a little bit about ourselves. 

You already know that we have played and loved this game since we were kids and we have both competed professionally. But did you know that we met during our junior golf days participating in the Bill Dickey Invitational? Did you know that we each have a growing number of hole-in-ones? Doug 6, Cheyenne 8. Or that we both live in Arizona?

Here are 10 other things you might not know about us.


  1. Phoenician born and raised. 

  2. I'm a thrill seeker. Sky diving, bugee jumping, you name it, I'll probably try it!

  3. I have traveled to 27 countries.

  4. I raised the funds for a water well in Zambia through the organizations Golf for Africa & World Vision. 

  5. I'm a Raiders fan. 

  6. Lowest professional golf round is 63. 

  7. Peanut M&M's are my weakness. 

  8. I love to dance to anything with a good beat!

  9. Dog mom to a Maltese Yorkie pup named Reece.

  10. Youngest of three and the only girl.


  1. I love to cook. In fact, I almost went to culinary school but then decided playing D1 golf was more important.

  2. I was the first African American to play golf on the University of Louisville men’s golf team.

  3. I was the 2005 PGA National Minority Collegiate Champion.

  4. I have an extensive Jordan shoe collection that my wife thinks is “unnecessary”.

  5. I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer in 2009.

  6. I'm learning to speak Spanish.

  7. Just moved to Arizona and I’m loving it here so far. 

  8. I'm a king at making perfectly crisp bacon. 

  9. I used to be the head coach of the Upper Arlington High School boys golf team, in Columbus, OH. 

  10. I am originally from Versailles, Kentucky, home of Woodford Reserve.