What do The Masters & Birdies Not BS have in common? They both unofficially kick off golf season.

The podcast Birdies Not BS, hosted by LPGA Tour player Cheyenne Woods and former mini-tour professional golfer, Doug Smith will premiere tomorrow to go along with the unofficial start to the golf season. And there are many things our podcast and The Masters have in common. As well as several other things they don't.

Let's start with what we share.

1. Both Birdies Not BS and The Masters are about loving the game of golf.

2. They both have a "Woods" currently participating.

3. They both involve cheap drinks, I mean who doesn't like to enjoy a glass of wine from TJ's before recording?

4. You can listen to coverage of The Masters and you can listen to Birdies Not BS every week, during the golf season.

5. Both The Masters and Birdies Not BS will be sure to enhance your golfing experience.

And this is how Birdies Not BS and The Masters are different:

1. Birdies Not BS is available every week (during golf season) to the whole world, FOR FREE! Well maybe not the whole world... here's looking at you North Korea.

2. Birdies Not BS is not at all about tradition, in fact we seek to break tradition.

3. Birdies Not BS will make you feel like maybe one day you too could wear the green jacket.

4. Our episodes are short and direct, only lasting 10 minutes or less. Good luck fitting coverage of The Masters in 10 minutes or less. Hello, Jim Nantz. (BTW, we're big fans.)

5. We don't have Jim Nantz... :-(

But we do have these two wonderful golf experts:

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