What do I know? I'm just a golf coach. Special guest George Gankas

In episode 35, worldwide acclaimed golf coach, George Gankas joins us for a conversation about coaching, why he hates wearing golf shoes, and why he wants you to be your own coach among other no BS topics.

George is a southern California native who has been hailed as "the future of golf" for not only his coaching achievements but also his persona and uncanny ability to make learning an enjoyable experience.

Episode Highlights:

6:20 - How to pick a golf coach?

10:00 - Sometimes you have to fire your students.

16:14 - Not your mother's golf coach.

20:20 - Golf shoes suck.

21:40 - I want you to be your own coach.

31:40 Straight back important?

33:20 The most important aspects of the swing.

36:25 How George is growing the game in his community.

39:00 What the hell is scooby?

Episode Credits:

Producer, Maribel Quezada Smith

Editor, Ricardo Pujol

Music by Keagan Stromberg