There's no crying in golf. With special guest, Aaron Hicks

It was supposed to be Master's week, and we're all feeling a little down because we can't get our yearly fix of pimento cheese sandwiches and green jackets, thanks a lot coronavirus! So how about a little baseball? Oh wait, that's on hold too...

Here's something that will cheer you up! In episode 37 of Birdies Not BS, we discuss why golfers are athletes, the parallels between golf and baseball, and why being "more than an athlete" is bigger than a hashtag. Special guest, NY Yankee's center fielder, Aaron Hicks.

Episode Highlights:

2:50 Trading golf for baseball.

4:50 A golf swing is not and a bat swing.

8:00 Aaron's golf bugaboos.

9:00 Rapid-fire

11:00 Are golfers athletes?

17:00 Getting equipment ready for the season.

18:18 More than an athlete.

29:50 What golf can learn from baseball.

33:28 Getting technical: Managing the nerves.

Produced by Maribel Quezada Smith

Editor, Ricardo Pujol

Music by Keagan Stromberg