Is Golf In Your DNA? With Special Guest George Lopez

In episode 38 of Birdies Not BS, we are joined by comedian, philanthropist, businessman, and golfer George Lopez for a golf chat that includes DNA results, coronavirus, and the parallels between the golf and TV industries. 

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Episode Highlights:

1:00 Who's blacker?

6:15 The Lopez enterprise and brand during coronavirus

10:00 You have to stay true to who you are, even if that means losing half your audience

11:50 How George came to the game of golf

17:30 Golf with Cheech and Chong

22:50 George's Favorite golf foursome

24:14 Celebrities who need a golf lesson from Cheyenne

25:14 Golf and TV

32:00 Best golf eras

34:40 Donald Trump's DNA Results


Produced by Maribel Quezada Smith

Editor, Ricardo Pujol

Intro Music by Keagan Stromberg

Additional music track: "Low Rider" by War