Golf Needs Some "Good Trouble"

As golfers, it’s easy to get into trouble on the course. And we don’t have a choice but to find a way out, and a way to persevere. However, we’re always trying to avoid trouble at all costs.

Unlike former U.S. Representative John Lewis, who was known to get into trouble often and willingly. As an activist, Mr. Lewis got into “good trouble” as he referred to his more than 40 arrests for standing up to racial injustice.

In episode 56 of Birdies Not BS, we get super candid about those in and around the game of golf who inspire us, like John Lewis, to keep getting into "good trouble".

Some people like to say that athletes, should “keep their mouth shut” or “shut up and dribble”, and stick to issues related to sport only. Well, that’s no longer an option.

Until golf is ACTUALLY inclusive, and we see REAL change in our society, we believe the entire golf industry should get into some GOOD TROUBLE.

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Producer, Maribel Quezada

Editor, Ricardo, Pujol

Music by, Keagan Stromberg