Change Your Mind Change Your (Golf) Game with Dr. Bob Winters

Listen up! In episode 49 of Birdies Not BS, we go deep with Dr. Bob Winters into the practical steps we can all implement right now to improve our golf game by changing our minds. 

Dr. Robert K. Winters is an internationally renowned Sports Psychologist, Author, and professional speaker. He has spent the past 35 years investigating how one’s thoughts and attitudes affect one’s ability to perform to their optimal talent level.  No one in the world has had a larger impact on helping all types of athletes get into the winner’s circle like "Dr. Bob".


2:45 What is winning?

6:15 Conditional confidence

7:20 Self-confidence vs self-esteem (golf esteem)

12:55 99% of golfers are playing the wrong game. 

13:50 Own your game. What does that even mean?  

19:35 Getting over the first tee jitters.

29:00 Execution vs. expectations

31:30 How do you let go of baggage?

36:30 Most people play the wrong game. 

43:00 Advice for the Professional golfer.

46:50 You have to learn to love the grind.

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Producer, Maribel Quezada

Editor, Ricardo, Pujol

Music by, Keagan Stromberg